Project Description

Balvinder Singh

This 360˚ rotating wheel provides vehicle to move in every direction even in a limited space. This can be used where there is not enough space to turn the vehicle. This vehicle can move in all direction at a same position by used of steering, sprocket, DC motor, bearing and chain drive. Main function of this vehicle is easy to move from one direction to other direction. Modern development and economical progression of Indian society resulted in increase of people on railway platform, increase of vehicle on the road, due to space constraints, in hospital is major problem of the country. Most of the time, they have to face the problem like taking U turn etc. So have to design a 360 degree wheel rotating vehicle to reduce and eliminate problems in the industry and at the railway platform. Zero degree turning radius of a vehicle implies the vehicle rotating about an axis passing through the center of gravity of vehicle i.e. the vehicle turning at the same place, where it is standing. No extra space is required to turn the vehicle

Aditya Ranjan

This project is aimed to design for stamping of a number of products in various industries. In industries a large quantity of projects have to be stamped in different batches. With the help of this machine the stamping time will be reduced. This will help in reducing the time by converting the rotating motion of motor into reciprocating motion.

Ajay Mishra

Stair glider are generally used where there is no lift, escalator facility available for the physically challenged people like in houses, hospitals etc. stair glider generally employed with two way switch which can operate in both the up and down. Rack and pinion type of gear have been employed in this project for the climbing upward and downward.

Tribhuvan Shah (GGS Polytechnic Student)

This project has made for the cutting of soft and hard wood as well as soft metals also. This device is compact and portable. A grinder has been employed for cutting the woods as well as soft metals like aluminum, brass, zinc etc.