Online Class Record-COVID-19

S.No.BatchCourse/ Branch SemSubject CodeSubject NameLink of Video uploaded on YouTube
12020Bachelor of Computer Applications2nd UGCA 1907

Fundamentals of StatisticsClick Here!
22019Computer Science & Engineering4thBTCS 401-18Mathematics
32019Computer Science & Engineering4thHSMC 122-18Universal Human ValuesClick Here!
42020Bachelor of Computer Applications2nd EVS 102-18Environmental StudiesClick Here!
42019Computer Science & Engineering4thEVS 101- 18Environmental Sciences
52018Computer Science & Engineering6thBTCS 602-18Artificial Intelligence
62018Computer Science & Engineering6thBTCS 612-18Cloud ComputingClick Here!
72019Master of Computer Applications6thMCA 602Cloud Computing
82019Computer Science & Engineering4thBTCS 402-18Operating System
92018Computer Science & Engineering6thBTCS 620-18Mobile Application DevelopmentClick Here!
102019Master of Computer Applications6thMCA 603Advanced Computer Architecture
112019Computer Science & Engineering4thBTES 401-18Computer Organization & Architecture
122018Computer Science & Engineering6thBTCS 601-18Compiler DesignClick Here!
132020Master of Computer Applications2nd PGCA 1920Design & Analysis of Algorithms
142019Computer Science & Engineering4thBTCS 403-18Design & Analysis of Algorithms
152019Bachelor of Computer Applications4thUGCA 1922Database Management Systems
162018Computer Science & Engineering6thBTEE 603D-18Wind and Solar SystemClick Here!
172019Master of Computer Applications6thMCA 601Data Warehousing & MiningClick Here!
182019Bachelor of Computer Applications4thUGCA 1923Operating System
19NAAll Class All Class PDPPDPClick Here!
202019Bachelor of Computer Applications4thUGCA 1927 Web DesigningClick Here!
212019Master of Computer Applications6thMCA 604Software Testing & Quality Management
222019Bachelor of Computer Applications4thUGCA 1921Software Engineering
232020Bachelor of Computer Applications2nd UGCA 1908Computer System ArchitectureClick Here!
242020Master of Computer Applications2nd PGCA 1918Advanced Java
252020Bachelor of Computer Applications2nd UGCA 1909Object Oriented Programming using C++Click Here!
262020Master of Computer Applications2nd PGCA 1909Web Technologies
272020Master of Computer Applications2nd PGCA 1932Information Security & Cyber Law
282019Civil Engineering4thBTCE 403-18Hydrology and water ResourceClick Here!
292019Civil Engineering4thBTCE 404-18Transportation EngineeringClick Here!
302019Civil Engineering4thBTCE 402-18Material Testing EvaluationClick Here!
312019Civil Engineering4thBTCE 405-18

Disaster PreparednessClick Here!
322019Civil Engineering4th BTCE 401-18Concrete TechnologyClick Here!
332019Civil Engineering4th EVS 101-18Environmental ScienceClick Here!
342019Civil Engineering4thBTCC 406-180Concrete Testing Lab Click Here!
352019Civil Engineering4thBTMC 407-18Transportation LabClick Here!
362018Civil Engineering6thPECE 602A-18Foundation EngineeringClick Here!
372018Civil Engineering6thPECE 604F-18Construction engineering materialClick Here!
382018Civil Engineering6thBTCE 601-18Engg Economics ,Estimating and costingClick Here!
392018Civil Engineering6thBTCE 603A-18Design of concrete structureClick Here!
402018Civil Engineering6thBTMC 101-18Constitution of India Click Here!
412018Civil Engineering6thOEE 204-18Power SystemClick Here!
422018Civil Engineering6thOEE 203-18Wind and solar energy Click Here!
432020Mechanical Engineering2ndBTMP 101-18 MPClick Here!
442019Mechanical Engineering4thBTME 401-18Applied ThermodynamicsClick Here!
452019Mechanical Engineering4thBTME 402-18Fluid MachinesClick Here!
462019Mechanical Engineering4thBTME 403-18Strength of Materials-IIClick Here!
472019Mechanical Engineering4thBTME 404-18Materials EngineeringClick Here!
482019Mechanical Engineering4thBTME 405-18Theory of Machines-IIClick Here!
492019Mechanical Engineering4thEVS 101-18Environmental Science

Click Here!
502018Mechanical Engineering6thBTME 602-18Mechanical Measurement & MetrologyClick Here!
512018Mechanical Engineering6thBTME 604-18Introduction to Industrial ManagementClick Here!
522018Mechanical Engineering6thBTME 601-18Refrigeration & Air ConditioningClick Here!
532018Mechanical Engineering6thBTME 615-18Non Conventional Energy ResourcesClick Here!
542020Electronics and

Communication Engineering
4thBTEC 401- 18Analog CircuitClick Here!
552020Electronics and

Communication Engineering
4thBTEC 402-18Microprocessor & MicrocontrollerClick Here!
562020Electronics and

Communication Engineering
4thBTEC 403-18Signal & SystemClick Here!
572020Electronics and

Communication Engineering
4thBTCS 301-18Data Structure

Click Here!
582020Electronics and

Communication Engineering
4thHSMC 122 -18Universal Human Values

Click Here!
592020Electronics and

Communication Engineering
4thEVS 101 -18Environmental Studies

Click Here!
602020Electrical Engineering4thBTEE 401-18Digital Electronics

Click Here!
612020Electrical Engineering4thBTEE 402-18

EM IIClick Here!
622020Electrical Engineering4thBTEE 403-18Power Electronics

Click Here!
632020Electrical Engineering4thBTEE 404-18Signal and System

Click Here!
642020Electrical Engineering4thBTAM 302-18M3( Probability and statistics)

Click Here!
652020Electrical Engineering4thBTMC 102-18 Essence of Indian traditional knowledge

Click Here!
662018Electrical Engineering6thBTEE 601-18 Power System-II

Click Here!
672018Electrical Engineering6thBTEE 602-18Power Generation and Economics

Click Here!
682018Electrical Engineering6thBTEC 906B -18 Satellite Communication

Click Here!
692018Electrical Engineering6thBTEE 603D-18Wind and Solar System

Click Here!
702018Electrical Engineering6thBTEE 604-18High Voltage Engineering

Click Here!
712018Electrical Engineering6thHSMC 103-18ETS

Click Here!
722020Applied Science2ndBTAM 101-18EnglishClick Here!
732020Applied Science2ndBTAM 101-18English Lab
742020Applied Science2ndBTCH 101-18ChemistryClick Here!
752020Applied Science2ndBTCH 102-18Chemistry Lab
762020Applied Science2ndBTAM 202-18Mathematics-IIClick Here!
772020Applied Science2ndBTAM 203-18Mathematics IIClick Here!
782020Applied Science2ndBTAM 204-18Mathematics-IIClick Here!
792020Applied Science2ndBTPS 102-18 Programming Problem Solving

Click Here!
802020Bachelor in Management Studies2ndBBA-202-18 Business EnvironmentClick Here!
812020Bachelor in Management Studies2ndBBAGE-201-18 Managerial Economics-IIClick Here!
822020Bachelor in Management Studies2ndEVS-102-18Environmental StudiesClick Here!
832019Bachelor in Management Studies4thBBA-401-18Business Research MethodsClick Here!
842019Bachelor in Management Studies4thBBA-402-18Human Resource ManagementClick Here!
852019Bachelor in Management Studies4thBBA-403-18Financial ManagementClick Here!
862019Bachelor in Management Studies4thBBAAGE-401-18 Entrepreneurship DevelopmentClick Here!
872019Bachelor in Management Studies4thBBASEC-401-18Business Ethics & Corporate Social ResponsibilityClick Here!
882020Master in Management Studies2ndMBA-201-18Business Analytics for Decision MakingClick Here!
892020Master in Management Studies2ndMBA-202-18 Legal Environment for BusinessClick Here!
902020Master in Management Studies2nd MBA-203-18Marketing ManagementClick Here!
912020Master in Management Studies2ndMBA-204-18 Human Resource ManagementClick Here!
922020Master in Management Studies2ndMBA-205-18 Production & Operations ManagementClick Here!
932020Master in Management Studies2ndMBA-206-18Corporate Finance & Indian Financial SystemClick Here!
942020Master in Management Studies2ndMBA-207-18Entrepreneurship & Project Management Click Here!
952019Master in Management Studies4thMBA-401-18 Corporate StrategyClick Here!
962019Master in Management Studies4thMBA-924-18 Retail ManagementClick Here!
972019Master in Management Studies4thMBA-914-18Merger, Acquisition and Corporate Reconstructing Click Here!
982019Master in Management Studies4thMBA-915-18International Finance & Financial DerivativesClick Here!
992019Master in Management Studies4thMBA-933-18International Human Resource ManagementClick Here!
1002019Master in Management Studies4thMBA-403-18 Workshop on Indian EthosClick Here!