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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the field of engineering science related to the design, construction, and maintenance of Buildings, Dams, Bridges, Tunnels, Highways, and other structures by the use of physical laws, Mathematical equations, and theories of various applied sciences.

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The civil engineering branch is concerned with the design, construction & maintenance of the surrounding containing physical and naturally built environments. The best civil engineering college in India GGS College of Modern Technology, Kharar was established in the year 2002. The Department offers a four-year course leading to the Bachelor’s Degree in Civil. Since its inception, the Department has been imparting high-quality education at the Undergraduate level. In total, there is an intake of 60 seats for regular students and 12 seats for lateral entry students. 

In the modernistic world where the construction demand of humans is increasing day by day, the need for the civil field is also spreading its wings. A huge number of students are making their careers in this field successful. Being the Best Civil Engineering College in Punjab, we offer specialized knowledge ranging from Geotechnical Engineering to Structural Engineering. The teaching methodology at the Department of Civil Engineering ensures a perfect balance of theory and practical learning throughout the four years of course and three-year courses (Lateral Entry).

The faculty of the Civil Engineering department continues to strive loftier by exploring new frontiers of knowledge, imparting the latest technical knowledge regarding the latest technologies used in construction to the students, and conducting high-quality research. Faculty members also give technical knowledge to students on life engineering problems and arrange workshops, and guest lectures from an expert. The department also encourages its students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, essential for the development, and nurturing of team spirit and developing organizational skills. Our college also taking initiative to provide soft skills to students, which help them crack the interview with top companies.

India is a developing country so there is a great scope and opportunities for civil engineering students in the present and future as India is opening its purse strings for several infrastructural works more liberal than ever before. To be a part of the making of a new and developed India, we here at GGSCMT, Kharar, have taken every care and effort to impart quality education to our students by setting up ultra-modern laboratories, providing their latest software in top civil engineering colleges in Kharar so that they remain at par.

I extend my warm wishes to the Civil Engineering students of the institute.

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Name of Lab
Concrete Lab
Environment Engineering Lab
Surveying Lab
Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Transportation Engineering Lab

Structure Analysis Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Strength of Materials Lab

Computer Aided Structural Drawing


1.To check the effects of Silica Fume on Workability
2.To check the effects of Silica Fume on Compressive Strength
3.To check the effects of Silica Fume on Split Tensile Strength

Consistency of cement depends upon its fineness.Silica fume is having greater fineness than cement and greater surface area so the consistency increases greatly, when silica fume percentage increases. The normal consistency increases about 40% when silica fume percentage increases from 0% to 20%. The optimum 7 and 28-day compressive strength and flexural strength have been obtained in the range of 10-15 % silica fume replacement level.Increase in split tensile strength beyond 10 % silica fume replacement is almost insignificant whereas gain in flexural tensile strength have occurred even up to 15 % replacements. Silica fume seems to have a more pronounced effect on the flexural strength than the split tensile strength. When compared to other mix the loss in weight and compressive strength percentage was found to be reduced by 2.23 and 7.69 when the cement was replaced by 10% of Silica fume.

1. To Study the jute fibre.
2. To find the results on use of jute fibre for soil reinforcement.
3. To compare results with together use of fibres and separate use.
4 To study stress strain relationship properly which has not been properly done yet.
5 To study the shear strength of soil due to use of various percentages of jute fibre.


Based on present investigation it is concluded that CBR value of soil increases with the inclusion of jute fibre. When the jute fibre content is increased, the CBR value of soil further increases and this increases is remarkable at fibre content of 0.75%. while the OMC is remarkable at 0.75% and 1%.

1. To study the parameters about the pre-stress concrete and reinforcement cement concrete
2. To find the compressive strength of pre-stressed concrete beam with reinforcement.
3. To find the compressive strength after 7days & 28 days for both reinforcement concrete beam and pre-stressed concrete beam with reinforcement
4. To do different types of tests on concrete material.

1. Compressive strength of both beam which is made of pre-stressed concrete with steel reinforced and simple reinforced beam is found out.

2. Compression tests was done both concrete beams at the age of 7 days and 28 days. Pre-stressed concrete with reinforcement give more strength as compare to simple RCC beam.When we compare pre stressed concrete with reinforcement to normal reinforcement concrete the strength of pre-stressed concrete is increased around 55% after 7 days and 35% after 28 days.

3. The use of high strength concrete results in a reduction in the cross sectional dimensions of pre-stressed concrete structural elements, with reduced dead load of the materials, large spans become technically practicable.

Senior Faculty

S.No.NameDesignationEmail-id Phone No
1Gagandeep kaurCOD/ Assistant Professorwahenoor12345@gmail.com7087943617
2Rajni BhagalAssistant Professorrajni126.rd@gmail.com9876358178
3Subodh KantAssistant Professorsubodhkant06@gmail.com7070303012
4Shabir Ahmad WaniAssistant Professorshabirw88@gmail.com7006636189
5Ajay KumarAssistant Professorajaysambyal97@gmail.com9541029806