Business Park

Campus Business Park

Campus Business Park is an initiative by IIT and IIM alumni to support innovative ideas of start up and early stage companies. CCBP envisages linking campuses across the globe and tapping their vast HR resources to provide impetus to start ups and early stage entrepreneurs.

It offers dream location to entrepreneurs in terms of commercialisation and strategy planning support we bring or in terms of reducing operational risk by reducing operational cost by upto 90%. This unique concept offers an opportunity for students to work with experienced professional and inspire entrepreneur spirit in them. Participant campuses gain tremendous visibility as innovative institutes.


Who We Are

We are group of professionals from institutes like IIMS, IITs. Our core team has been instrumental in creating some of the most innovative business models. We are trusted advisors to some of the most innovative and remarkable start ups in the world. We are a group of diverse individuals but we have one thing in common, exceptional problem solving skills.

We bring intellectual capital and passion to make things which help in nation building along with wealth creation for young innovators and investors. With the passion to support and reduce risk associated with entrepreneurship, so that more innovative ideas are translated into successful business models providing employment opportunities to our youth.

Vision Mission

What We Do?

At Campus Business Park we have created a unique help our clients solve some of the most complex problems they face, by bringing in the best intellectual capital for that domain. We have helped leader’s kickstart some of the most complex projects without any hiccups. In education sector we have helped institutes and organizations to reinvent themselves thus making themselves relevant with changing global scenario.

We have helped SMEs to incorporate processes where proper process management itself helps them to outcompete. We are the first in the region to consult SMEs and educational institutes on change management.