Personality Development Programme

GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions holds the opinion that the developing personality is one that has attributes that are enviable; the ability to perform well in public and be able to hold your own and make an impression on people with your skills socially and as a good personality, is something that cannot be matched up to by any other skill. GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions understands this need of the 21st Century and provides the Personality Development Programs to the students of Polytechnic, B. Tech, B. Pharmacy, MBA, and MCA & M. Tech to develop their overall personality. Right from the first semester students are trained to grow personally & professionally.

The Personality Development Program at GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions helps in the following way to develop students’ personality:

Highly experienced PDP Trainers at GGS-Sachdeva Group encourages you to bring out some of your hidden personality, thus helping you understand yourself and your value system better. This will help you to realize what you actually want and who you are.

They will teach you how to socialize better. You will learn how to deal with different people in an appealing manner. You would learn how to treat your subordinates and superiors.

Personality training will boost your self- confidence (something that every successful person will have).
Personality development courses also concentrate on the Business communication & Writing skills, which is very much essential for a good professional life.

Personality development courses will also help you to overcome your fears and to express your thoughts in a smatter way.

It will help you to present yourself as a better person. It will help you to bring out the better version of yourself and teach you all the necessary social skills, thus improving your charisma.

Interpersonal & Intrapersonal skills
Dynamics of Group Discussion & Debates
Developing Critical thinking & Creative skills
Time Management
Stress Management
Body Language
Interviews Skills
Presentation skills
Business Communication skills
Reasoning & Aptitude Skills
Conflict Management
Mock Interviews Sessions