Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is also a part of core engineering industry that is engaged in the infrastructure of the country and without which growth of any country cannot be even envisioned. This is the basic energy input based on which not only the house hold but also the industry depends heavily. It surrounds us everywhere in modern society. It has the ability to harness other form of energies i.e. light, sound, optic which has transformed our lives enormously. It has helped in designing and manufacturing of products related to informatics and scientific gadgets, problem solving modules and other innovative tools. Thus electrical engineering is quiet capable in addressing crucial engineering issues facing society. It provides a wide range of career opportunities in the sector of energy development, electricity boards, power stations, modern information network and automatic communication and microelectronics field.
Electrical department of GGS Polytechnic College has various practical labs dealing with different disciplines of electrical engineering with modern & sophisticated equipments for performing the various practicals like:
Machine Lab
Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
Project Lab
Power System Lab
Power Electronic Lab
DCM Machine Lab
Synchronous Machine Lab