Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other day. From mobile phones to fiber optics and remote sensing, there are exciting avenues to explore and create. The ECE Department at GGS-Sachdeva Group prepares students for careers in this constantly evolving discipline. The students opting for this course get the benefit of an excellent teaching and learning process. The academic performance of the students at the University Examinations is outstanding. In view of this, most of the students have got placement in reputed companies. The primary objective of the ECE department is to impart a practical based training, apart from giving a sound theoretical background to the students. The Electronics and Communication Engineering program graduates will- We have a solid foundation in Electronics and Communication Engineering along with competencies to apply knowledge in Mathematics and Science. We have the analytical and practical skills to solve engineering problems. We have professional and communication skills to function as members and leaders of multi-disciplinary teams in engineering and other industries. We have the skills to function as ethically responsible professionals and be prepared to undertake lifelong learning and be prepared to assume leadership role in addressing some of the technical issues of the society.

Welcome to the department of Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering at GGS College of Modern Technology Kharar. The Department was established in the year 2002 with the aims of providing leadership in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering. We strive to train and empower our students who will make the world a better place by using power of engineering principles, techniques and systems.

The significant infrastructure design, well-equipped laboratories & hi-tech computers with high-speed internet facility with all qualified faculty members ensure world-class standards of education delivered from our department.

Electrical Engineering and Electronics and communication engineering are the dynamic and exciting area that provides excellent career opportunities in various areas of technology. The department faculties are committed to teach our students the fundamental concepts and the latest trends via smart teaching and learning process. The students are also taught with critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they accommodate their future with confidence. In addition to classroom teaching, the students are guided and motivated to practically implement the principles learnt in classrooms through experimentations in the laboratories and through innovation centers on PLC-SCADA, Solar System, Robotics and Internet of Things. The students can include them under different type of club like Circuit Design, Music, Arts, and Sports etc.

The department provides a healthy environment to students and faculties to carry out inter department collaborative research in areas like microcontroller, PLC-SCADA, Solar system, VLSI Design, internet of things, robotics, etc. Students are also given opportunities to involve in IEEE Student chapter activities, the department has a vibrant IEEE Women student chapter which helps students gain confidence and become skilled engineering professionals. Students are provided internship facility in organizations like BSNL, DRDO, and ECIL etc. The department conducts various workshops, expert talks and additional training programs on recent trends in EE and ECE in collaboration with industries for the benefit of faculty and students. The student projects are conducted in-house with the guidance of department faculty and industrial trainers.

Having undergone such a robust academic program under the supervision of highest quality faculty members, I am sure that all passing out students of the department are capable of visualizing, planning and developing big projects of commercial and research interests in their respective field of expertise. The graduates of the Stream have been selected by some of the leading software and hardware companies of the country. The available diversity of expertise of the faculty with the support of the Management, Principal and Dean we prepare the students to work in the global multicultural environment.

– Mandeep Sharma

13rdLab Object Oriented Programming using C++
23rdLab Analog Devices & Circuits
33rdLab Digital Circuit and Logic Design
44th Lab Analog Communication System
54th Lab Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation
64th Lab Signal and System using Matlab
75th Lab Digital Signal Processing
85th Lab Linear Integrated Circuit
95th Lab Digital Communication System
105th Lab Hardware Programme& Interfacing
116th Lab VLSI
126th Lab Microwave Engineering
137th Lab Embedded Systems
147th Lab Wireless and Optical Systems & Networks
157th Project Lab
S.No.NameDesignationEmail-id Phone No
1Ms. Mandeep SharmaHOD ECE-EE/Assistant Registrarhodece.ggscmt@gmail.com /ggscmt.registrar@gmail.com 9781733293/ 0160-5001402
2Mr.Manoj Mishra Assistant Professormanojmishra5191@gmail.com 8791290865
3Mr. Harkamaldeep SinghAssistant Professorharkamaldeepsingh@gmail.com 9592330690
4Mr.Gurpreet Singh Assistant Lecturer/ Instructor gurpreet641956@gmail.com 9888480253
5Mr.Bhavi BhatiaAssistant Professorbhavi_bhatia@yahoo.com7700000236

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