Pharmacology laboratory consists of two laboratories with various equipments to identify the activity of various drug samples.

  • Pharmacology – I Laboratory
  • Pharmacology – II or Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education Laboratory

Pharmacology laboratory is well equipped and has various instruments like analgesiometer, eddy’s hot plate, actophotometer, centrifuge, digital tele-thermometer, dissection boxes & trays, electroconvulsiometer, histamine chamber, lucas moist chamber, pole climbing apparatus, plethysmograph, rota rod and sherrington’s drum to study the effect of drugs on animals. Moreover the college has started experiment conduction on softwares like X-cology and Ex-Pharm. A student becomes well versed with handling and experimentation on animals both in laboratory and on computers using software. In Pharmacology, students learn various techniques to check effects of different drugs with the help of various experimental models, animals and instruments etc. Pharmacological studies help in understanding of pharmacodynamic & pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs, Dosage regimen & scheduling, therapeutic index, therapeutic & toxic doses and clinical toxicology etc. Drugs are tested for their analgesic, muscle relaxant, righting reflex, epileptic, CNS stimulant & relaxant, chronotropic & ionotropic, anxiolytic and antisecretory effects etc.

Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education Laboratory consists of complete set of bones, human skeleton model, various charts, models of brain, ear, eye, human digestive system, excretory system etc, ESR testing apparatus, haemocytometer, simple & analytical microscopes, over head projector, neubauer’s chamber and spirometer etc. Student learns and understands internal structures and all systems of body through OHP sheets, models and charts. Also, they study & perform various clinical tests for estimation of Total blood count, haemoglobin, RBCs, WBCs, blood groups, bleeding & clotting time, ESR, tidal volume and vital capacity etc.