Pharmacognosy Department of Sachdeva college of Pharmacy has well furnished laboratory for macroscopic & microscopic studies of crude drugs, phytochemical screening, extraction & isolation of phytochemicals, separation of active ingredients using various chromatographic techniques and qualitative & quantitative examinations of plant extracts etc.

Pharmacognosy Laboratory has been equipped with hot air oven, digital colony counter, BOD incubator, muffle furnace, digital pH meter, UV cabinet, laminar air flow, antibiotic zone reader, centrifugal machine, autoclave, distillation unit and moisture balance.

Research in Pharmacognosy is important because it provides active chemical ingredients that can be used to study molecular and cell biology and provides information on herbal medicines and new methods for the analysis of drugs, toxins and herbal preparations. Today, Pharmacognosy plays an indispensible role and is one of major areas of Pharmaceutical education.

Herbal garden: Plants have served humankind as sources of medicinal agents since early beginnings. In fact, natural products once served as the source of all drugs. In modern world where manifold advancement has taken place in every field of science and technology and synthetic products are emerging at its pace, people are coming close to nature and natural products derived from the herbs and shrubs and trees of great medicinal value. Despite the advances in the modern world the importance of searching drugs from biodiversity especially for the refractory diseases still continues due to increasing incidence of adverse drug reaction with modern synthetic drugs. Herbal garden in Sachdeva college is spread over large area with variety of medicinal plants like amla, aloe, shatavari, thevatia, brahmi, gugul, neem, papaya, furn, datura, hing and pattarchat etc.