Pharmaceutics department of Sachdeva College of Pharmacy has five well furnished laboratories including machine room and Biotechnology laboratory.

  • Pharmaceutics – I
  • Pharmaceutics – II
  • Pharmaceutics – III
  • Biotechnology
  • Machine Room

Pharmaceutics laboratories are equipped with precised instruments, tools and glassware like dissolution apparatus, disintegration apparatus, filtration assembly, homogenizers, magnetic stirrers, autoclaves, percolators, bulk density apparatus, digital pH meter, falling ball viscometer, bacteriological incubator, anderson pipette and various types of microscopes for compounding, testing, packaging and labeling, and then  formulation & dispensing of most therapeutically useful chemical ingredient in various dosage forms.

Biotechnology laboratory comprises of aseptic room and a number of instruments like tissue culture station, laminar air flow, sonicator, phase contrast Microscope, Refrigerated centrifuge, BOD Incubator and orbital staining water bath for various experiments like formulation of culture medias, testing & incubation of micro-organisms and their identification/isolation by different staining & separation techniques. Biotechnology laboratory also familiarizes the students with procedures for sterility testing and microbiological assays.

Machine room is well furnished with sophisticated instruments such as tablet compression machine, dissolution, disintegration apparatus, tray dryer, humidity chamber, ampoule filling & washing machine, friability apparatus, ball mill, clarity test apparatus and filling & sealing machine etc. Machine room provides access to all students for demonstration and use of machines in experimentation.

Pharmaceutics department has well qualified, experienced and trained faculty. Sachdeva College has also introduced Master degree in Pharmaceutics and for that Pharmaceutics Research laboratory has been established having instruments such as rotary vaccum evaporator, microbalance, magnetic stirrer with hot plate, disintegration apparatus, disintegration apparatus, pH meter, refrigerator, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, IR spectrophotometer, vaccum filtration assembly, HPLC and distillation unit.